Africa Mining Vision

The people of Musebeya take part in a public dialog on political participation, Rwanda

The Africa Mining Vision (AMV) is the most important pan-African strategy for the development of the continent’s extractive industries. It thus serves as a guideline for German development cooperation in African partner countries.

The AMV was adopted by African heads of state at the African Union (AU) summit in 2009. It provides a roadmap for an extractives sector which is based on the principles of good governance, transparency and sustainability and which serves as a starting point and driver of broad-based economic development for the continent as a whole. Through the numerous linkages between mining, social issues and the environmental dimension, the extractives sector exerts a far greater influence on the reality of people’s lives than most other economic sectors. The AMV recognises this circumstance and therefore addresses a wide range of topics, including better data availability, fair contract negotiations, administrative and governance capacity building, more efficient use of resource wealth, expansion of energy and transport infrastructure, development of local economic cycles, and social and environmental sustainability in small-scale mining.

The African Union commissioned the African Minerals Development Centre (AMDC) with implementing the AMV. Any AU member state may request support from the AMDC, which was established specifically to provide strategic and operational support for the Vision. At country level, tailor-made reform programmes, known as Country Mining Visions, are being developed and implemented in accordance with national priorities.

These processes, and hence the AMV concept, are supported by the Sector Programme Extractives and Development. For example, an AMV communications strategy was developed to publicise the AMV, and support was also provided for the preparation of policy documents for AMV implementation at country level, including the Country Mining Vision Guidebook. The Programme is currently involved in AMV implementation in Ghana, with a focus on improving the integration of extractive industries into local economic cycles (see Enterprise around Mining).

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