MInGov Zambia Report launched in Lusaka

Kupfermine in Sambia / Copper Mine in Zambia

02.12.2016 |

The MInGov programme produces country reports on investment attractiveness and governance in the mining sector. On November 7th, the first MInGov country report - MInGov Zambia  - was launched at an event in Lusaka. The workshop, hosted by BGR and the World Bank Group, was attended by government, industry and civil society.

The country reports present an objective assessment of the mining sector, including its investment climate and effectiveness of public institutions. It offers actionable avenues for reform for government and informs investment decision-making in the country. It furthermore supports transparency and informs the debate among interested stakeholders, shedding light on costs and benefits of mining to stakeholders.

MInGov findings in Zambia highlight that the country is an attractive place for investment due to favorable geology, its long history of mining, its political stability, and a relatively favorable economic environment. Zambia is also safe and secure—since the country’s independence in 1964 there has never been a war.

But these positive aspects are overshadowed by a lack of transparency and accountability regarding revenue management, a lack of consistency surrounding fiscal policy, and lack of support for diversifying the economy and leveraging of infrastructure for the general population.

“We need to stick to the rules of the game in the long-term to foster a stable investment environment, while simultaneously diversifying our economy so we are not overly dependent on mining,” said Paul Chanda, Zambia’s Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Mines. 

MInGov is co-developed and co-funded by the World Bank and BGR (through the sector programme Extractives and Development) since its beginning in 2013. The report can be downloaded through the World Bank website.

For further information please contact a member of the BGR-team.

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