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30.11.2016 |

After a two-decade lasting civil war, Somalia has entered into a challenging phase of economic and political stabilization. In order to foster the peace process and to enhance living conditions on the ground, Germany supports Somalia in the area of infrastructure development, water and vocational education and training amongst others.

During the civil war, all fundamental pillars of Somalia’s extractive sector were destroyed. Investors left the country declaring force majeur and institutional knowledge was lost. Since this year, the BMZ supports the Somali Ministry for Petroleum and Minerals Resources (MPMR) through the sector program Extractives and Development. The goal is to enable the only three-year-old ministry to manage the country’s upcoming extractive sector sustainably and for the benefit of an overall broad based development of Somalia. Initial steps of cooperation will focus on capacity building of MPMR staff and recovery of lost geological data.

A first training took place in the week from 21st November at the University of Nairobi, where staff members of MPMR’s IT department were trained in the management of seismological data. Further trainings will follow in spring 2017.

For further information please reach out to a member of the BGR-team.

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