Launch of the CONNEX Support Unit by German Chancellor's Personal Representative for Africa, Günter Nooke

Participants in a conference room at the opening workshop.

25.01.2017 |

On January 18, 2017, Günter Nooke, the German Chancellor's Personal Representative for Africa in the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), launched the CONNEX Support Unit together with high-ranking representatives in Berlin. The Unit will assist developing countries with the negotiation and implementation of complex raw materials contracts. The sector programme Extractives and Development is responsible for the further development and implementation of the unit’s activities.

During the official opening, the participants, among them the representatives of the Ministry of Mines from Guinea and Liberia, exchanged ideas on the continued implementation and strategic orientation of the initiative. 

Nooke emphasized the German involvement and highlighted the CONNEX Initiative’s important contribution to sustainable development. Nooke explained that “fair and well-negotiated contracts create a better investment climate and generate taxes, royalties and local value chains. In short: When we talk about a new partnership with Africa and new sources for financing development the CONNEX Initiative is an important building stone.”

Since its foundation at the G7 summit 2014, BMZ promotes the globally acting CONNEX Initiative especially due to its important contribution to the global sustainable development agenda. Since 2015 the sector programme Extractives and Development successfully implements CONNEX measures for the preparation, implementation and the monitoring of contract negotiations in selected partner countries on behalf of BMZ. These countries include Mongolia, Mali, Mozambique, Liberia and Guinea.

At the end of the opening day, the evening event „Raw Material Supply 4.0 - Seizing Joint Opportunities“, organised by the sector programme and the Federation of German Industries (BDI), took place at the representative office of GIZ in Berlin. More than 50 guests discussed about the opportunities of the changing demand for raw materials for industrialised and producer countries.

For further information on CONNEX, click here.

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