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RAW Talks

RAW Talks Interviewer Åsa Borssén

15.02.2017 |

Over the last few decades, the academia, development agencies, and even the industry, put a lot of effort into understanding the inherent virtues and challenges of the extractive industries. And we have made significant progress: today, the literature for avoiding the resource curse is reasonably clear.

Unfortunately, the main difficulty has been putting that new understanding into practice. We should shift focus to the dissemination and practical implementation of that specialist advice.

On that point, the Extractives and Development programme introduces you to RAW Talks: a new interview series on the extractives and development, aiming to translate our academic knowledge into shared wisdom and advance the debate on how best the extractives sector can contribute to development. RAW Talks was launched at the Mining Indaba 2017 sponsored by BGR. Watch the interviews online at

For further information please reach out to a member of the BGR-team.

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