Cooperation with Somalia

Training on the interpretation of seismic data

Employees of MPMR

06.03.2017 |

After successful presidential elections at the beginning of February and a fluent handover of the governmental affairs, Somalia reached a phase of political stability. To support Somalia in this critical phase and to assist with the formation of fundamental structures, the sector program Extractives and Development conducts several trainings in cooperation with the Somali Ministry for Petroleum and Minerals Resources (MPMR).

The goal is to enable the three-year-old ministry to manage the country’s upcoming extractive sector sustainably and for the benefit of an overall broad based development of Somalia. Initial steps of cooperation will focus on capacity building of MPMR staff and recovery of lost geological data.

Build upon a training on the management of seismic data, a second training on data interpretation has taken place in Nairobi in the week from 29th February. Three staff members of MPMR’s IT department were trained with a specialist software. Another training on basics of petroleum geology will follow in April 2017.

For further information please reach out to a member of BGR-team.

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