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11.11.2022 New BGR report: “Building responsible construction material sectors. Insight from a global review”

The report published by the BGR’s Sector Programme “Extractives and Development” gives insights into the development of responsible construction material sectors. The aim is to identify ways to promote potentials for sustainable development and to minimise economic, social and ecological risks of the sector.


BGR report: Building responsible construction material sectors. Insights from a global review

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Construction raw materials and industrial minerals such as sand and gravel, lime, gypsum, natural stone, granite or clay go hand in hand with particular challenges. Their responsible extraction can also lead to opportunities for poverty reduction, local employment, value creation and sustainable development.

The report builds on the study (External link)published by the BGR in 2021 on the potentials and risks of locally mined construction raw materials in the metropolitan regions of Surabaya (Indonesia) and Delhi (India). In addition, the now published report “Building responsible construction material sectors. Insights from a global review” includes various best practices from Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America as well as interviews with experts.The report proposes how to improve governance and formalisation of the sector. It focuses on approaches to regulation and value addition, stakeholder inclusion, and environmental and human rights protection.

The report is now available here (External link)on this homepage.

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