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We use so-called cookies, pixels, browser fingerprinting or other tracking technologies on our website, which store information in your terminal equipment or access information that is already stored in your terminal equipment. Cookies are small text files containing a sequence of numbers that are stored locally in the cache of the browser you are using. Pixels are single-pixel images that are created opaque or in the background colour of the website and are therefore not visible to the user. The pixel also collects information about your user behaviour on the website. Fingerprinting technologies create a unique fingerprint based on browser settings and thus identify an individual browser. By means of a script, which every internet browser automatically executes, information such as screen resolution, fonts used, operating system, hardware information and integrated browser plug-ins can sometimes be collected, which in their specific combination can ultimately enable a trace back to a specific user.

Pursuant to Sect. 25 (1) of the Act to Regulate Data Protection and Privacy in Telecommunications and Telemedia“ (TTDSG), we generally require your consent for the use of these technologies. Under Sect. 25 (2) TTDSG, such consent is not required only if the technologies either enable the transmission of a message via a public telecommunications network or if they are absolutely necessary to provide a tele media service expressly requested by you:

1. Technically necessary terminal equipment information

Some elements of our website are absolutely necessary to provide you with our website service or individual functionalities of our website:

Name of the cookie

Intended use

Storage period


Loadbalancer: Enables faster page loading



DDoS defence: Serves the security of the website


(Session Storage)

Publications order: Storage of publications placed in the shopping cart



Storage of consents to use cookies and similar technologies (Matomo, YouTube)

7 days after last update


Storage of information in forms, e.g. contact form, changes in shopping cart



Storage of information in forms, e.g. contact form, changes in shopping cart


The elements are deleted after the specified storage period at the latest. You can prevent processing by making the appropriate settings in your browser software or by opening the browser you are using in ”private mode“. In the case of elements with a storage period that is not limited to the session, you can delete the elements in the settings of your browser software after your session has ended.

As far as the elements contain personal data, such as an identifier, and which is further processed after storage or access to your terminal equipment, the legal basis for this processing is Art. 6 (1) Sentence 1(e) GDPR in conjunction with Sect. 3 of the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG).

2. Technically unnecessary terminal equipment information

We also use cookies, pixels, browser fingerprinting and other technologies on the website that are not technically necessary. In accordance with legal requirements, we only use these technologies with your consent.