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Video screenshot "Responsible mineral supply chains for the Just Transition"

31.07.23 New Video: Responsible Mineral Supply Chains for the Just Transition

In this new video published by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), we dive into mineral supply chains and explain how development cooperation works towards minimising the risks of the mining sector and realising its potential for local development.

Video screenshot "Responsible mineral supply chains for the Just Transition"

As the world strives towards climate-neutrality, raw materials play a crucial role for renewable energy technologies and e-mobility. Wind turbines, power lines or electronic vehicles– all these products require raw materials. Raw materials like copper, cobalt, and iron pass through complex global supply chains which bear both social and environmental risks as well as economic opportunities. How can mineral supply chains contribute to the sustainable development goals? And how can development cooperation support responsible mineral supply chains for a Just Transition?

Delve into the supply chains that iron, copper, and cobalt pass through, shaping the energy and mobility transition. Explore the environmental and social complexities linked to mining operations in Mongolia, Peru, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Discover how principles of good governance, responsible business conduct, local value creation, and gender equality play into the raw materials sector.

For further information, please contact Christina Ankenbrand (External link), Rosalie Seppelt (External link) or Mayely Müller (External link).

Text & Content Concept: Sector Programme Extractives and Development (GIZ)
Concept & Illustration: Atelier Löwentor GmbH
Animation: Timo Fecher
Photo Credit, picture 1: GIZ / Dirk Ostermeier; 2: Jose Luis Stephens/ EyeEm; 3: GIZ / Cobalt for Development