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Extractives and Development

Local Value Addition


Local Value Addition Assessing the economic viability of mineral deposits Interner Link

The toolkit provides competent mining supervisory authorities with guidelines for a first assessment of the profitability calculations presented to them for planned projects for the extraction of mineral raw materials.

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Local Value Addition Local Procurement Reporting Mechanism (LPRM) Interner Link

Sustainable economic growth requires the diversification of the local economy, the establishment of supply chains and the targeted promotion of small and medium-sized enterprises. To strengthen local procurement in the long term, the Mining Local Procurement Reporting Mechanism (LPRM) was developed.


Local Value Addition LION - Local Investment Opportunities in Natural Resource Projects Interner Link

LION models procurement expenditures of mining companies to provide local decision makers and suppliers with information on the huge procurement demand in the mining sector.

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Local Value Addition Construction Raw Materials Interner Link

Construction raw materials can be a powerful driver for local value addition. The Sector Programme conducts activities to supports the development of responsible construction raw material sectors.

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Local Value Addition Digitization in the Extractive Sector Interner Link

Digitalization is on the rise in the extractive sector. While digital innovations in the mining sector provide hope for improved governance, they also pose a potential threat to local jobs. Find out more about digitization in the extractive sector and how the „Extractives and Development“ sector programme is dealing with opportunities and challenges arising from the use of digital technologies at mine sites.