Sector Programme
Extractives and Development

17.06.2022 Personnel changes in the GIZ Sector Project: New faces and farewells

As of June, there have been personnel changes in the GIZ part of the sector programme. Johanna Wysluch, who has been the programme manager for many years, has left the project and assumed her position as cluster coordinator for GIZ in Mexico since June. We wish her all the best and much success for her new tasks. Lisa Stellner has also left the team. Lisa was an advisor responsible for the topics of environment & climate and digitalisation. With her occupational change to the private sector, Lisa remains thematically loyal to extractives sector. We also wish Lisa much fun and success in her new position. Tim Schlösser (External link) succeeds Johanna Wysluch as project manager in the GIZ part of the Sector Programme. The regional and political scientist already worked as an advisor in the “Extractives and Development” Sector Programme from 2015 - 2019. After that, Tim worked as a negotiation support specialist in the CONNEX Support Unit. We are pleased to welcome Tim as project manager and look forward to an exciting time ahead.