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26.10.2022 Personnel farewells and new arrivals in the GIZ sector project

In recent months, there have been some personnel changes in the GIZ team of the sector project. Sophie Girke, who was advisor for public finance, EITI, anti-corruption and monitoring, and Johannes Lohmeyer, who was advisor for climate and environment as well as China, have left the project. Linda Carstens, who was responsible for gender and communications is now on parental leave. We thank all of them for their extensive support in the sector project and wish them all the best and success for the future.

At the same time, the GIZ team (External link) had three new additions: Since August, Anja Straumann has been working as an advisor focusing on the interface between mining and climate, energy and environment in the sector project. Previously, Anja worked for the GIZ regional project on Commodity Governance in West Africa. Another new colleague is Mayely Müller. As a junior advisor she is responsible for the areas of gender and communication and previously worked in the GIZ Evaluation Unit. Also new to the team is Jan Bollmann. Jan works as a junior advisor on EITI and public finance. With our new colleagues on board, we look forward to the time ahead.