Human Rights in the Extractive Industries

New release: Human rights in resource governance projects

29.03.2017 |

Human rights are a fundamental principle for German development policy.  They provide key guidance when defining the objectives and designing the activities of development cooperation projects. Since 2011 the human rights-based approach in German development cooperation requires implementing agencies to assess the human rights-related risks and impacts in their programming.

Given the numerous human rights violations in the mining sector, GIZ developed a practical guidance document ‘Incorporating the Human Rights-Based Approach into Resource Governance Projects in the Context of Technical Cooperation’. The document describes prevalent human rights risks along the extractive resources value chain, outlines methodological approaches for promoting human rights in the sector and contains practical tools for human rights impact assessments. In his foreword, Michael Windfuhr, deputy director of the German Institute for Human Rights, praises the guidance document as a valuable contribution for the implementation of human rights obligations in development cooperation. He emphasizes the large potential of systematic and consistent application of these approaches to strengthen human rights in the mining sector.

For further information, please reach out to a member of the GIZ-team.

Titelbild_Integration des Menschenrechtsansatzes in TZ-Vorhaben zur Rohstoffgovernance

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