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Local economic development: big data opens up new possibilities

15.06.2018 |

With support of the African Minerals Development Centre (an agency of the African Union), Ghana has started to implement a Country Mining Vision. The CMV is a domesticated form of the Africa Mining Vision, which was adopted in 2009 by all African heads of states at the AU general assembly meeting. The Ghana CMV mainly aims at supporting local economic development from mining – in a country where mining has created few local value chains despite a decade-long history of mining.

Extractives and Development has supported the Ghana CMV since 2016, particularly regarding questions related to economics. This involved providing expertise for research and the development of an analytical model to assess market potentials for products feeding into the mining industry (link to model). The model produces estimates of procurement volumes of certain product groups in different countries and, through its statistical functions for instance allows to identify spikes in the expenditure profiles of mining operations that might suggest inefficiencies. The model will assist regulators and industry players in assessing potentials for local manufacturing of mining inputs, it will help create programs to support local companies opening access to mining value chains and reduce risk for international mining suppliers looking to invest in or partner with a local company.

Based on an only recently finalized first version of the model, technical staff of the Ghana Minerals Commission, the Chamber of Mines and the Delegation of German Industry and Commerce in Ghana (AHK) were trained in its application and functionalities. The goal of the training was to enable participants to conduct their own analysis independently and deduct conclusions from the provided data. Some of the issues covered in the training were the development of the mining industry’s purchasing power in the region, comparing cost efficiency in mining production across different countries and detailing the volumes of procurement in the individual product groups.

For further information please contact Jakob Eckert.

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