Gender in Multi-Stakeholder-Partnerships

21.05.2019 |

New Publication: Gender in Multi-Stakeholder-Partnerships

The basic idea of multi-stakeholder partnerships (MSP) is addressing problems through equitable collaboration among diverse stakeholders. Gender injustices stand in contrast to this approach. Gender justice is an important aspect of the legitimacy of MSP, and it is part of the fundament of successful partnerships.

Awareness of the need to integrate gender aspects in MSP has increased significantly, not at least due to the SDGs. However, MSP often do not know how to address the topic. The baseline study provides guidance on how to fully integrate gender in MSP by offering concrete support for the systematic integration of gender. Step-by-Step difficulties are pointed out, valuable tools are offered and concrete examples are given.

The study was published in cooperation with GIZs platform for MSPs for Implementing the Agenda 2030.

For further information please contact Lisa Stellner.

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